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RESSENCE - COLLECTION X - Ressence launched COLLECTION X in 2020 to celebrate their 10th Anniversary !


Armin Strom Gravity Equal Force
Another first for Armin Strom with this watch!

We are pleased to announce that The Lavish Attic is entering a new chapter!

Why oil? What makes Ressence TYPE3 so unique among oil-filled watches?

The Momentum Goes On, and More New Watches

A white dial submerged in oil - Ressence TYPE3W

Erosion shapes HYT H5

Inside out- Central Chronograph and More

When Uniqueness Meets Commonality

Urwerk is a Pioneer of the Ingenious Watchmaking

The Art of Watchmaking in the 21st Century

The Result of the GPHG 2018 “The Oscar of the Watchmaking” is Out!

Non-stop Innovations to Wow the Industry

Extension Beyond Hands- Ressence Type 1 Slim

Strong Jewellery Collections Reflecting Distinct Characters

A New Leading Force: Master Watchmaker Jen Schneider is Joining Lang & Heyne as Development Director

DLC Coating For New Standards of Design and Durability

Perfect Finish So Jewellery Doesn’t End Up Sitting In A Save

Paris delicacy: bespoke leather straps in The Lavish Attic

How to Trust a Watch- Ressence TYPE 2 is Realizing The Future of Fine-Watchmaking

What You Find is Uniqueness in Armin Strom

Renaissance & Essence, The Horological Revelation by Ressence Type 3

Time Expression Beyond Hands

Unveiling the “Caliber I’ in Mammoth Ivory

For Her - Mother's Day Treats

Interpretation of Time

Wrapping Up the Year of 2018!

MONOCHROME is the answer

Architecture on Wrist


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