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RESSENCE - COLLECTION X - Ressence launched COLLECTION X in 2020 to celebrate their 10th Anniversary !

Ressence launched COLLECTION X in 2020 to celebrate their 10th Anniversary !
The iconic Olive Green colour on each dial along with the dedicated symbol that is the fusion of an X, or ten in Latin, and an hourglass proudly sits on the hour disc are the symbol of this collection.
Type 1 slim X
Type 1 slim X is the first launch of the collection, the dark olive-green dial is equally divided into two separate finishesmatte on one half and circular on the other half. In a playful way, the different finishes reinterpret the colour as the light hits the surface.
On the minute and the hour discs, the two finishes are a graphical extension of the hands. Once in motion, magic takes on new meaning.
Type 5 X
Collaborating with Eugenio Amos, Automobili Amos, Ressence created a driver watch.
The bezel is divided into two distinct parts. The first one is dedicated to warm up of the engine (15mina) - the S stands for Start, D for Drive and R for Race - while the other one is dedicated to the cooling down the Turbos (10 min).
Type 3 X
The third watch from the Collection X collaborated with Stefan Sagmeister.
The idea of this design is to remind us to cherish the present. The new date ring around the dial is made of 280 coloured lines: 140 blue lines and 140 yellow lines. There is only one colour appears at each day. At midnight the colour changes either from yellow to blue or the other round.
Type 1 square X
The last model of the Collection X surprised us with tthe new patent system of Ressence, a world premiere to tell the 'TIME BY COLOUR', the watch displays a mix of colours to represent a moment in the day.
The dedicated sub dial contains 48 coloured ceramic micro-balls (0,9mm of diameter) from 4 different colours (yellow, grey, blue and black) but only shows a max of 3 colours at once.
Every moment in time has a unique mix of colours. In the morning (starting at 6am), the yellow is dominating while in the evening (starting at 6pm) it is blue that prevails.
Time is an asset.
Every day, we all get 24 hours.
No more, No less.
Time is now.
Now is better.
Collection X has given us a brand new concept of timekeeping which is unique and precious.
What would be the next?
More independent ideas:

We are pleased to announce that The Lavish Attic is entering a new chapter!

The Momentum Goes On, and More New Watches

A white dial submerged in oil - Ressence TYPE3W

Erosion shapes HYT H5


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