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Armin Strom Gravity Equal Force
Another first for Armin Strom with this watch!

Do you know that the energy in the barrel is not released constantly during the whole power reserve? When the barrel is completely wind there is an overvoltage at the beginning of the power reserve and undervoltage at the end the energy fall to stop which influences the amplitude of the watch and then the accuracy. With their new system, Armin Strom use only the part of the energy who are the most regularly, adding a system who declutch the winding just before the end and the beginning of the power reserve.
There already existed some stop systems in manual winding watches or clock but Armin Strom are the first brand to made it on an automatic winding watches. The challenge is to made a system who declutch just before an overwinding while the mass can still rotate and the barrel can unwind.
That’s the technical part who made this watch an exceptional time piece. Let’s talk about the look on the watch now.
Its 41mm of diameter surround in the front part the watch two eccentric dials on the left side, one who display hours and minutes and the second one the small one at 7h30’. On the right, three straight brushed bridges who maintain, the barrel with its stop-works declutch mechanism and its power reserve indicator on it, the micro rotor under the top bridge and the running gear train.
The contrast of colour, decoration and material highlight every detail on the watch. The color main plate is part of the “dial” at the font and highlight the balance wheel, escapement and gear train at the back. The movement keep the symmetrical and straight style of Armin Strom with a decoration where no detail are forgotten, polish chamfer, brushing, cote de geneve, sand blasting, engraving and mirror polish.
We could almost forget the case even its thin and light. With is 41mm of diameter this watch of Armin Strom is easy to wear.
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Armin Strom Gravity Equal Force
Another first for Armin Strom with this watch!

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