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A white dial submerged in oil - Ressence TYPE3W

TYPE3B has crowned Ressence the Horological Revelation Prize from GPHG 2013. Since then Ressence has never stop to make technological and aesthetic challenges. Finally the TYPE3W has come to The Lavish Attic and it’s more than just a colour variation.

Ressence in HK The Lavish Attic-TYPE3W-02

The most fascinating part about TYPE3 must be the 37.5ml of oil in the upper layer, eliminating the refraction of light when reading time, disguising the disappearance of the sapphire glass. Thanks to oil , friction is reduced accordingly, higher efficiency is achieved. Better shock absorption is resulted as well.

Ressence in HK The Lavish Attic-TYPE3W-03

As usual Ressence gives strong luminous effect. You can’t forget the watch even in a dim environment. Engraved indications are filled with blue Superluminova.

Ressence in HK The Lavish Attic-TYPE3W-04

Benoît Minitens, the founder of Ressence, starts his career as industrial designer, handling the projects like building high speed trains, aircraft cabins and even hunting guns. When it comes to a watch, he believes Form Follows Functions thus takes away all unnecessaries from the watch. TYPE3 is like a pebble washing in the river, like a pebble washing in time.

Ressence in HK The Lavish Attic-TYPE3W-05

Turning to the case back there’s just a glass back. By twisting the glass you can set the time and wind the watch. TYPE3W equips with a rotor for automatic winding and 36 hours power reserve is served. The latest calibre allows quick setting of days and dates by winding anti-clockwise. You will know it’s a great improvement if you’ve gone through the previous generation.

Ressence in HK The Lavish Attic-TYPE3W-06

Made of titanium, the 44mm x 15mm case is designed for the best comfort. TYPE3W and TYPE3B are now available in The Lavish Attic so feel free to compare before making the decision.

Ressence in HK The Lavish Attic-TYPE3W-07

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A white dial submerged in oil - Ressence TYPE3W

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