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A New Leading Force: Master Watchmaker Jen Schneider is Joining Lang & Heyne as Development Director

As usual in June we welcomed Lang & Heyne team to The Lavish Attic. Along with the Basel novelties and other signature collections, we are happy to greet two new members: Development Director Jens Schneider and Sales Director Gülsen Tek. And probably watch lovers are no stranger to Jens.

Lang & Heyne in Hong Kong The Lavish Attic 2019-14

During the break he gave us his phone. On the screen there’re some images of duplex Chinese vintage pocket watch. He then zoomed into the movement part and wondered: were the pocket watches commissioned by the government?  Any particular reasons for the movement being shaped in those ways? He’s just as excited as a child keen on sharing his favourite toy.

Duplex Chinese pocket watch

With the passion to engineering and watchmaking, Jens has been trained in Glashutte and significantly involved in the development of ZEITWERK in A. Lang & Sohne. After that he constructed movements for Mortiz Grossmann and developing the Benu collection.

Lang & Heyne in Hong Kong The Lavish Attic 2019-06

Lang & Heyne is always a family size business with around 50 pieces annual production. And this style matches with Jens’ philosophy. Reviewing the Dresden design from Friedrich III the most classic one, Albert with the monopusher to Mortiz the annual calendar, it’s the balance of craftsmanship and aesthetics, functionality and forms. When you talk to Jens, you will be impressed by his peaceful smile and steady confidence, supported by experience and knowledge. For years he has made the acquaintance of Marco Lang, the co-founder of Lang & Heyne and he has the feeling to the brand.

Lang & Heyne in Hong Kong The Lavish Attic 2019-33

Taking this chance in HK, Jens has introduced the Gerog in black dial. Continuing the elegance of the white enamel square watch, black speaks for the calmness and determination. The dial is adorned with blue rhombs in a 960 platinum case, or with red rhombs in a 18ct rose gold case. Turning to the case back, it’s hard to believe that you can take your eyes off the signature Calibre VIII.

Lang & Heyne in Hong Kong The Lavish Attic-Georg-02

Looking for more novelties from Jens? We have the same thought! We’ve marked on the calendar for meeting Lang & Heyne team in 2020. And you?

Lang & Heyne in Hong Kong The Lavish Attic-Georg-26
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