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How to Trust a Watch- Ressence TYPE 2 is Realizing The Future of Fine-Watchmaking

Good morning. When you wake up and put the watch on your wrist, how do you know the information you receive from the watch is accurate? Therefore, you check your phone.

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The founder and creative mind of Ressence, Benoît Mintines, trying to retain TRSUT towards the timepiece. TYPE 2 e-Crown is born to serve this purpose as a fully mechanical watch. Connecting to an app is an option but not a must.

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The journey begins by double-tapping the sapphire glass to activate the e-Crown. Then the dial replies by a slight shaking, saying ‘Hi, what would you like me to tell?’ And don’t get it wrong, it’s not a touch screen. The accelerometer turns the vibration into command.

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So how does the e-Crown build up the TRUST? Kept inside there’s the UTC time. So once it has recorded the time, it will always referring to it unless you re-set the time manually. Type 2 can still adapt to your habit well. Feel free to set the time 5 minutes forward.

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The key to maintain the watch operating is sufficient energy. Same as all other Ressence watches, Type 2 is an automatic watch with a rotor. With the lever at the back you can wind it up manually. Above all, Type 2 is equipped with photovoltaic cell and the coolest way to charge the watch is exposing it under the light. The extra shutters around the mode selector will open up to accelerate the charging process when the battery level is too low.

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There are more secrets to tell. How does it be able to tell the correct time even you put down the watch for weeks? How does it work with the app? In what way the magnet act to increase the precision?

Thanks Benoît for giving us a lecture and developing Type 2 e-Crown to achieve further step in fine-watchmaking. That’s a true advancement technically and functionally.

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