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Extension Beyond Hands- Ressence Type 1 Slim

The new Type 1 Slim case shape allows seamless integration between the case and the strap. The watch sits steadily and comfortably on your wrist without any peculiar angular surface. It just comes naturally.

Ressence in The Lavish Attic Hong Kong- Type1 Slim Navy-03

The crown-less design eliminates the awkward connect moment between crown and human for both left and right hand handed. The time-setting and winding system are all adjusted by a lever at the case back. Type 1 Slim is an automised watch with 36 hours power reserve.

Ressence in The Lavish Attic Hong Kong- Type1 Slim Black-05

Ressence Type1Slim White-05

The sub-dials on the watch indicate hours, minutes, seconds and day of the week. The simple presentation is supported by the patented ROCS complication which works as a brain behind the face. A brain doesn’t sleep and keeps display accurate information.

Ressence Type1Slim White-09

Ressence in The Lavish Attic Hong Kong- Type1 Slim Black-03

Benoît Minitens, the founder of Ressence, proudly presents the advanced Type 1 Slim during SIHH 2019. It comes into 4 colours of choice including black, white, night blue and ruthenium silver. The white one has arrived The Lavish Attic and you’re more then welcome to feel that human touch.

Ressence in The Lavish Attic Hong Kong- Type1 Slim Black-02

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