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Wrapping Up the Year of 2018!

Since the Basel fair in March 2018 we had some great meeting with various excellent watchmaking units. Despite the uncertainty of the global economic environment, the changing definition of luxury and the evolution of shopping behaviour, some brands are sharing the same values and business direction with us.

Welcome Blaken, Singer Reimagined, Konstantin Chaykin, De Bethune, Armin Strom and Carl Suchy & Söhne.

Blaken-The Lavish Attic

Blaken is a specialist in personalising watches, mainly with Rolex. They can modify the colour of the dials and hands and literally making your dream watch alive. The bracelet and case are coated in black by the in-house DLC coating with a secret formula. What makes it outstanding is the vintage line reviving the classics like Daytona Paul Newman and Pan-Am.

Singer Reimagined-The Lavish Attic

Singer Reimagined is a lot more than a side project from Singer Vehicle Design. It’s revolutionary enough by putting the chronograph at the centre and pushing the function of time telling to the periphery. What’s more, the Track One Hong Kong edition, which was launched in The Lavish Attic and has won in the GPHG 2018! Big congratulations to Singer Reimagined!

Konstantin Chaykin-The Lavish Attic

Konstantin Chaykin is highly recognizable with the hilarious facial expression. Both Joker and Clown watch are now under your imagination to design. Now Mr. Chaykin is taking only bespoke order so you can simply change the colour of joker nose or add engraving at the case back. Let’s see how creepy it can be!

De Bethune-The Lavish Attic

De Bethune is a well known for its novelties in which there are — 10 patents and 26 calibres in just 16 years. The DB25 Starry Varius has brought the romance to the furthest extent by allowing the owner to customise the star patterns on a particular date on the dial.

Armin Strom-The Lavish Attic

Armin Strom is housed in a small mansion equipping with cutting edge technology. The configurator allows various combinations from the case to the dial. In November 2018, they’ve launched the Unique Pure Resonance in our shop. While the application of Resonance is the advancement in technology, the nicely hand-finished engraving will definitely amaze you.

WatchCraft Collection-The Lavish Attic

WatchCraft Collection is specializing in designing extravagant unique piece. From Rolex, Cartier to Panerai and Patek Philippe, they are not limiting the pursuit of aesthetics and craftsmanship by brands. With the highest level of engraving and diamond setting the watch character and individuality is alive.

Carl Suchy & Söhne-The Lavish Attic copy

Carl Suchy & Söhne inherits the beauty of the Vienna heritage where you can find the small second disc dancing Waltz on the dial. A modern twist is made to connect with the contemporary architectural touches. The movement is modified by the former AHCI member Marc Jenni.

It’s our honour to make acquaintances with the above all. Whereas our long term partners like Urwerk, Lang & Heyne, Ressence, Linde Werdelin, Speake Marin, Manufacture Royale and Akillis are standing at our back as well. Thank you to all your support to make 2018 full of joy and excitement!

Urwerk Lang & Heyne-The Lavish Attic copy

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