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What You Find is Uniqueness in Armin Strom

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Claude Greisler (the co-founder and watchmaker of Armin Strom) came to Hong Kong a few weeks ago. He grew up in the same town as Mr Armin Strom who’s a popular figure specializing skeleton watches. All the watches are produced in-house in Biel / Bienne which have given a room to us when considering a luxury watch.

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1st Nov 2018 – The Lavish Attic x Armin Strom Unique Piece was born! Thanks to the team of Armin Strom to create such elegant and contemporary watch. From the day we had the idea to execute, see it in person is definitely a meaningful journey.

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From the metals to screws, hand engraving, electropainting etc. Everything is in-house.

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The most exciting part is the application of Resonance upon the wristwatch. Two independent regulation systems stabilize each other. In-between there is a clutch spring connecting the dual oscillating balances. This fascinating phenomenon is discovered by Christiaan Huygens (1629-1695), the inventor of pendulum clock. The Armin Strom team has spend more then 2 years, seeking advices from various scientific experts, modifying the mechanism and finally made it elegantly visible on the dial.

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The Pure Resonance in Blue dial presents the contemporary, modern, stylish character of Armin Strom.

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The Pure Resonance in Gold dial presents the elegance, classic, traditional side of Armin Strom.

Both versions are the one and only piece and exclusive in The Lavish Attic.

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