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Urwerk is a Pioneer of the Ingenious Watchmaking

UR-105 CT streamliner is a celebration of Urwerk’s 20th anniversary this year. Felix and Martin are the first people infused with astrological and futuristic elements into their designs. It is a finalise project of UR103 and UR105 collection with a summary of 2 young men chasing their dream and set the milestone in NYC.

Urwerk in HK-newsletter-The Lavish Attic-201808-02-Martin Frei and Felix Baumgartner(Martin and Felix, Central Hong Kong 2005)     (20th Anniversary meet and greet 2017, Hong Kong)

The streamline along with the protecting cover gives you a picture of a convertible sports car. The 2 pneumatic turbines on the back work just like the dashboard on your driver seat with the switch lever to give you an ultimate, unlimited control of your watch.  The redesigned case which allows you to check the time whenever wherever without roll up your sleeves or even spin on motorways.

Urwerk in HK-newsletter-The Lavish Attic-201808-04-evolution

The exclusive 3-Dimensions satellites complication is an original design of Urwerk; this idea flashed to Martin when he was working for the documentary in NYC, inspired him to project his creations in a 3-Dimensions. It is a salute to the Campani brothers’ tabernacle night clock that had impressed Martin and Felix with their idea of wandering hour indication.

The Urwerk timepieces combined the past to the future, there’s no old-fashioned with Urwerk’s creations.

Urwerk in HK-newsletter-The Lavish Attic-201808-06-UR103 satellites complication

(Martin’s sketch of the satellites complication)     (UR103’s 3D satellites complication)

We admired the uniqueness of Urwerk and its exceptional 3-Dimensions satellites complication; their philosophy and concepts have touched our heart and influenced us to be the first official distributor in Greater China, aiming to show our passion and excitement to the world collectors. We are chuffed to sustain their leadership position in the ingenious watchmaking world also looking forward to seeing their new creation in SIHH in January.

Urwerk in HK-newsletter-The Lavish Attic-201808-09-Martin Frei and Felix Baumgartner GPHG 2014-UR110-EMC

(UR110 GPHG 2011)       (Felix and Martin attended to GHPG 2014)(EMC)

Urwerk creates their timepieces for their dream and it works! The public appreciated their hard work. The EMC has won in the GPHG 2014 with the innovation watch prize and mechanical exception watch prize; the UR 110 titanium has won the design watch prize in GPHG 2011.

Urwerk in HK-newsletter-The Lavish Attic-201808-06-Robert Downey-Jackie Chan

(Robert Downey –UR110)     (Jackie Chan – UR 202)

Urwerk doesn’t do sponsorship in reward to get exposure; however, the Hollywood celebrities acknowledged their philosophy and approached Urwerk directly for collaborations. Both international movies star Robert Downey (Iron Man) and Jackie Chan (Chinese Zodiacal 12) coming from different background and
decided to wear Urwerk in their movies; it shows how seductive Urwerk is to the men.

Urwerk in HK-newsletter-The Lavish Attic-201808-99-Raphl Lauren-Michael Jordan

(Ralph Lauren – UR210Y)     (Michael Jordan – UR 202)

No matter who you are, there are no culture or race barriers in Urwerk’s nature. It is an absolute man’s fantasy, dream watch. Most importantly, Urwerk does not design watches for the mainstream but design for somebody who targets to be the lead. It is a remarkable history in the watchmaking world also a solid definition of ingenious watches.

Urwerk in HK-newsletter-The Lavish Attic-201808-16-Martin Frei and Felix Baumgartner

(Felix Baumgartner)  (Martin Frei)

Hong Kong is an East meets West city where allows you to be ambitious and think differently even the city itself would enhance your emotions toward Urwerk. I am sure you could feel Martin and Felix’s watchmaking dream and their spirit behind when you look at the entire collection yourself.

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