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Inside out- Central Chronograph and More

We are used to skim read to grasp instant information. This may get you wrong in reading the Singer Reimagined Track 1.

In 2018 summer Singer Reimagined has launched the Hong Kong Edition with a tactful twist based on 2017 Launch Edition and Geneva Edition. Please be prepared to forget all stereotypes.

The functionality of time reading is being push to the outer circle. All hands are in perfect vertical position in the ready position. Start to time and you will see the central chronograph incorporates jumping minute and hour indicators. With the start button on top right and reset button on top left, it feels like you are starting a timer on the field.

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In terms of case material, it’s titanium for Launch Edition then gold for Geneva Edition. When it comes to Hong Kong Edition, it’s no way to use typical PVD or DLC coating, but ceramic-aluminum through electro-plasma oxidation that changes the nature of the substance. The surface layer of a special, aerospace-specification aluminum alloy is transformed into ceramic, giving a strong resistance to scratches and corrosion.

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The invisible rotor disguises the Track 1 as a manual watch. Rotor is in fact sandwiched in the middle to give way for the stunning view of movement. With all the hands moving it gets 60 hours power reserve. More then enough to time the driving hour of your 3 days 2 nights short trip.

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Only one expectation is realized. Taking inspiration from reimagining modern Porsche 911 with 60s-70s chic, Track 1 has gently reminded the fashion of that particular era which shall never be faded out.

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