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DLC Coating For New Standards of Design and Durability

Blaken has a quick flash to Hong Kong last week. A very considerate and supportive CEO Alex picked a good selection of watches to the event that can take home immediately.

Instead of being a watch brand, Blaken is more into making your dream watch alive by using a high quality of DLC coating and hand painted dial that allow you to give your emotional and personal taste to an ordinary watch. Let's take a chemical tutorial.

With the movement untouched, all the parts are disassembly. Blaken would only accept new watches in order to achieve the best coating effect.

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The parts are evenly and neatly put into a 3-tier machine. Well locked for DLC coating.

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It's a vacuum and dustless environment where anode reacts with cathode. Blaken DLC coating is not done by painting or spraying but electrochemical process to change the body of the substance. Plasma gently stick onto the surface of watch parts like falling snow.

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The process takes 16 days for a flawless coating. If it's in matte finish, more time is needed due to different formula. They can do a high-shine polished deep black to a satin anthracite.

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The result is a perfect jewel-like surface with a shine and toughness. A micrometre is a thousandth of a millimetre. A standard sheet of paper creates an average thickness of around eighty micrometres. DLC matt layers, by contrast, are only one to two micrometres thick, and at the same time are up to eight times harder than steel, which makes the wear and scratch resistance of DLC coatings superlative.

If you look at the spacing between the links of bracelet, you can check the quality of DLC coating. Sometimes these may appear pale and thin and whitish. But in Blaken, 5-year warranty is proudly provided by Blaken. The confidence comes from the continuous checking by founder, because no Blaken leaves our workshops without his personal seal of approval.

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