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When Uniqueness Meets Commonality

It’s unusual to have mass watch brands in The Lavish Attic. Yet last week we’ve received more then 10 pieces of Rolex from Germany, Blaken.

The story began in 2009 when the founder of Blaken was having a dinner party with his celeb neighbour, Gloria Estefan and Donald Trump for example, in Star Island. The celeb were surrounded by tailor made cutlery and champagne and everything, except the wrist watch.

Supported by the engineering background, he then back to Germany and spent two years to advance DLC coating application on watches. That is what we were presenting last week, the Blaken watches.

The vintage collection immediately catches everyone’s attention. On the Daytona Paul Newman II, you can tell the bracelet is brushed to give the raw texture, the dial is hand-painted to retrieve the 1960s style, the crown guard is removed by CNC machine to restore the original shape. What’s more, there are variation III and IV.

Blaken event 2018 in The Lavish Attic-06

Of course they have already made dozens designs to stimulate your imagination over the watch, from Milgauss, Datejust, Explorer to Submariner and Daytona, you name it and Blaken will try to make it happens.

Blaken event 2018 in The Lavish Attic-24

And you’re more than welcome to configure your own design. A palette of colours is available for hands, index and dials. The case can be processed in original or matte finish. Providing the font and text so the meaningful message will be engraved on designated location.

Blaken event 2018 in The Lavish Attic-05

After 6-8 weeks your friends will start asking what’s on your wrist. It’s something familiar but extraordinary.

The watches are still being kept in The Lavish Attic. Why not drop by and have a look? Btw, Alexander Klingbeil the CEO is so keen on meeting all of you in September. Stay tuned!

Blaken event 2018 in The Lavish Attic-02

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