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Renaissance & Essence, The Horological Revelation by Ressence Type 3

Ressence – Renaissance & Essence, The Horological Revelation by Ressence Type 3
In certain extend “unusual” would be a better word to apply on the up and coming luxury watch bran d Ressence. Being the consultant of industrial design for Enthoven Associates over a decade, genius designer Benoit founded Ressence and launched Zero Series One in 2011. The pioneering design and mechanism overthrew the norm of the watchmaking and two years later, Type 3 captured the Horological Revelation Prize in GPHG. As an outsider of luxury watch industry, Benoit got the recognition of the watch collectors and experts at an unbelievably pace.
As we all know the setup of GPHG is intended to salute the excellence of worldwide horological production and rewards the finest creations and the most important operators in the watchmaking sector every year. The award is surely a strong reference on the mechanism supporting the unique design of Type 3.
Having the time appear to be displayed directly onto the sapphire crystal – the patented mechanism for the time display “ROCS” (Ressence Orbital Convex System) are bathed in the oil that changed the reflection. To stabilize the fluid under varying thermal conditions, seven bellows have been added to compensate for the oil expanding and contracting.
With a built-in temperature gauge for the new Ressence Type 3, the temperature is indicated on the sub-dial in reminding you the watch has the optimal performance in the range from -5 degree to 55 degree Celsius.
The oil filled “ROCS” is isolated from the movement by the titanium plate but how they transmit the power? Magnets are added for driving the dial and the seconds disc moves in different pace with 6minutes a turn. It is unexpectedly interesting that time seems like slowing down when you admiring the watch.
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Why oil? What makes Ressence TYPE3 so unique among oil-filled watches?

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