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MARC NEWSON – Interpretation of Time

The Hourglass is all about time and beauty but beyond anything that exists in the watch market. It is a more fundamental way of visualizing “time” in an erratic but mesmeric way.

The sculpture is discontinued since 2012 after Marc Newson left Ikepod to concentrate on his many new projects. In December 2014, he started a new company –HG Timepiece SA- with the aim to pursue projects solely related to horology and undoubtedly the Hourglass is the best object at the outset.

The Hourglass is hand made from a single piece of Borosilicate Glass, blown by artisan in Basel to create the final shape. Despite the apparent simplicity, it has over a million moving parts.

Through the extremely clear Borosilicate glass it contains millions of tiny sphere stainless steel balls that are precisely 0.6mm in diameter. They are coated with fine gold or silver in Pforzheim, Germany at which the perfected balls were chosen to ensure the reliability in the rate passing through the tiny hole.

In addition to reviving the 10’ and 60’ models, a new edition of 30’ with gold or silver plated nano-balls is introduced. Retaining the iconic geometric lines and edges-less appearance, the new edition is improved in accuracy due to better-trained artisans. The electrostatic is greatly reduced with special treatment for the micro-balls that enhanced a smooth transition of “time”.

Marc Newson’s signature is etched onto every Hourglass as a mark for designing this timeless homological art piece.

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