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Unveiling the “Caliber I’ in Mammoth Ivory

When classic watch master meets mammoth ivory.

Lang & Heyne is an independent watch manufacturer based in Dresden, Germany. By connecting tradition and modernity, Lang & Heyne create unique timepieces beyond mainstream.

With the persistent in traditional watch-making and idealism, the master watchmakers are strongly against the use of unappealing material which is used in the mass production of computer chips.

Thus, being inspired by historic watch that made solely of ivory in the Dresden art collection, the Lang & Heyne “Caliber I” featuring ivory plates, bridges, as well as hand engraved balance cock is crafted after the investigation of the unique feature of the material by the watchmaker.

Acknowledged to the passionate watchmakers, now we have the chance to enjoy or even own the art piece that is only accessible in the historical museums. The fascinating structure and cream-white colour of the ivory match perfectly with the finely manufactured metal work pieces, which combines its elegance with the precision of a Lang & Heyne watch. The ivory “Caliber I” is used in the model of Friedrich August I and Johann Von Sachsen, at which the aesthetic movement is visible on the case back and appear in classic dial design.

The mammoths are believed to be extinct for 10,000 years but because of the geographic range of Seberia, The tusk is well preserved under the permafrost soil. Therefore it is amazingly rare and yet with brilliant quality.

It’s bound to be favoured by watch collectors and connoisseur, in considering of the masterfully execution by using distinctive materials and exclusively creation of only 25 pieces.

It is not only limited in creation, but also incredibly limited in the source of the material.


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