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People from Jura mountains in Switzerland are resilient and persistent in their approach. Over the past 15 years, DE BETHUNE’s watchmakers discreetly labour in the atelier located in L’Auberson, hand-making all the complications passing down from the history.  From construction, machining to decoration, all procedures are integrated and completed in this atelier.  DE BETHUNE also offers made-to-order services, providing customers with creative ideas and design, culminating with personalised and unique timepieces.

Five Major Innovations

Constellation Dial

Denis Flageollet discovered that heating up titanium makes distinguished shades of blue and the material per se becomes even more chemically excel.  The dial must first be polished to a perfect mirror finish thoroughly by the artisans themselves before being heated up to achieve the oven-blue effect.  Artisans then drill around 100 tiny holes precisely according to the constellation of the specific geographical location provided by the customers.  Gold pins of various sizes will then be installed in the holes, giving birth to the one-of-its-kind Constellation Dials.


3D Moonphase

3D Moonphase is one of DE BETHUNE’s unique innovations. Such sphere is a combination of stainless steel and palladium, representing the Yin and Yang of the moon against the sun and facing the sun. Artisans first polish the constellation parts to a perfect mirror finish before burning the stainless steel side over a flame that plunges the steel into its midnight, sensational blue hue.


Mirror Polish

Mirror polish is one of the most complicated and meticulous procedures in hi-end watchmaking, which cannot be accomplished by machine up to date. It takes artisans ultimate concentration and enormous time to use diamond paste on a boxwood peg - part by part, hand by hand, for hours on end. Other brands apply this technique only when polishing the most important part of the movement such as the balance wheel bridge. DE BETHUNE, however, mirror polishes even the surface of movements with such dedicated labour, a testament to the brand’s magnificence.


Titanium Balance Wheel

As early as 2004, DE BETHUNE has developed the ground-breaking titanium-platinum balance wheel, later reformulated in 9 different improved editions. With white gold inserts added on the titanium wheel, the 2016 design displays the optimal condition of light weight in the inside and heavy on the outside, the performance of the escapement, therefore, is adjusted close to perfection.


Lightweight, Fast Tourbillon

DE BETHUNE believes that improving the weight and speed of the tourbillon is the way to enhance the escapement of the movement. Impressively made of silicon and titanium, the DE BETHUNE tourbillon is the fastest and the lightest tourbillon ever. Comprising 63 parts and weighing 0.18g, the tourbillon is stabilised by only one bridge while the balance wheel oscillates at the rate of 36,000 vibrations per hour, contributing the heightened accurate performance.


More independent ideas:

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