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The Art of Watchmaking in the 21st Century

Renowned Swiss independent watchmaker DE BETHUNE recently showcased its latest 2018 models at The Lavish Attic in Pedder Building, Central. Pierre Jacques, Chief Executive Officer of DE BETHUNE, greeted the media and watch aficionados with the brand’s approach to made-to-order services.

Independent watchmakers have taken the world of haute horlogerie by storm in recent years but DE BETHUNE, established in 2002, boasts an unrivalled quality and charisma that no peers possesses. While embracing the over 500-year-old watchmaking tradition and inherited the know-hows and craftsmanship passed down by generations of horologists, this independent manufacturer also represents the avant-garde of watchmaking of this century with its futuristic style.

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Denis Flageollet is the soul of DE BETHUNE. He is a highly proficient watchmaker and the co-founder of the brand who used to work closely with Francois-Paul Journe, a renowned independent watchmaker, together being the “ghost watchmakers” for many top-notched watch brands.  When initiating the brand DE BETHUNE, Flageollet took reference from the horological history during the periods of the Renaissance and the Enlightenment throughout France, Germany and Italy.  He was inspired by such historically significant mechanical masterpieces as Jost Burgi’s astronomical instruments, John Harrison’s marine chronometer, Antide Janvier’s resonance clocks, to name a few. While paying tribute to these masters, Flageollet is not complacent about replicating their important works but reinterprets the glory of the European watchmaking history with a modern twist.  He applies advanced materials and modern aesthetic to elicit the brilliance of the old masters. The seminal timepieces he has made are works of art that meticulously blend impeccable craftsmanship with excellent beauty, encompassing hundreds of years of western horological history.

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Inspiration of De Bethune is always the boundless starry night. Now you can custom your own pattern of milky way on the watch.

DE BETHUNE is not a toy for big boys but the epitome of classic beauty and modern technology. Over the past 15 years since it was founded, the brand has invented no less than 26 in-house movements - rarely seen in the market - and has filed 10 patents. Its annual production is limited to less than 200 pieces, which makes each piece a true luxury.  These achievements will not be possible without the concerted effort of a group of watchmakers who independently produce dials, movements, main plates, bridges, escapements and even screws under the same roof of the Manufacture de Bethune.  Thanks to the visionary Pierre Jacques who was at the helm from 2011 to 2015 as CEO - he knows the brand’s history and development inside out, and has recently assumed the same position at DE BETHUNE, poised to take the brand to another level with his knowledge and experience in the luxury market as well as his vision and aspiration in the realm of haute horologerie.

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Pierre Jacques, again glad to be the CEO of De Bethune.

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