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Paris delicacy: bespoke leather straps in The Lavish Attic

We call it a disaster when watchmaker does not communicate well with strap maker; unfortunately it is the everyday practice of the business. The best quality of watch is not obliged to come with a nice strap, or it simply does not fit you in terms of leather, colour and size. Thanks to Yann Perrin from Atelier du Bracelet  Parisien, aka ABP, lesson learnt. From 27th-29th Nov Yann demonstrates his professionalism in The Lavish Attic.

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Don’t be shocked if you find the leather similar to your Hermes handbag

Do a blind test with ABP alligator and it’s highly distinguishable. A special treatment gives the alligator a waxed texture and washing effect. Good relationship with prestigious brands including Hermes benefits ABP to acquire nice leather sources. Despite of alligator, browsing ABP catalogue is always like taking a zoology course. Elephant, beaver tail, cobra etc., you name the rest.

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Human size is more than SML

Asian small wrists suffer and know it well: the buckle locates at the wrist side instead of middle; and there is still a large gap even you have picked the most inner holes. Occasionally punching extra holes would help. The reality is cruel enough to disappoint you. We are surprised that ABP is re-defining the quality of strap. Comfortability comes first.

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 Made-to-order means nothing impossible

Frequently the watch brands simply do not provide adequate choices. Each branded watch, like Rolex, Bell & Ross, IWC, Richard Mille and Audemars Piguet, is uniquely designed so the installation of strap varies. ABP is versatile enough to cope with straps indents, notches or curve ended.

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 Strap is part of the outfit which connects

Leave all the measurements to us, customers are here to enjoy the experience, still they have to make hard decision when selecting leather and colour, not to mention stitching style and many more. Yann breaks the problem down and gives advices based on years of experience. Is black truly your favourite or does it act as a safety net? A blue strap with grey stitching resonates harmoniously with your white gold watch hands and your denim jeans. By examining your daily outfits and habits, the match made in heaven is waving to you.

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Quick fact about ABP

Atelier du Bracelet Parisien is a craftsman company (certified Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant: Company of the Alive Heritage, by the French government) offering an extraordinary choice of leathers, tannings, colors, shapes and thicknesses. Products are 100% made in-house. Now ABP is conveying the highest quality of made-to-order leather goods through The Lavish Attic.

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