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Time Expression Beyond Hands

After impressing in the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Geneve with the crown-less liquid filles type 3 in 2013, Reseenece extend their revelationy features to type 1 in a subdued and refines aesthetics.

Apart from the stunning idea of liquid filled Type 3, Type 1 penetrates the pure and minimal character of Ressence in every detail.


The iconic time display the “ROCS” (Ressence Orbital Convex System) is surely inevitable, with spherical discs displaying hours, minutes, second and days revolve under a domed sapphire crystal. The face of the watch is constantly changing to tell time like the emotional expression of human face. Given that there are no hand and bezel, it is highly legible to “experience” the move with the dial perfectly follows the curvature of the domed sapphire crystal.

Crown-less is another iconic feature for Ressence and it is extend to the design of Type 1. The sapphire case back fulfills and even simplifies the functions of the crown, winding and setting are accomplished simultaneously by rotation the case back in clock- wise direction.

Type 1 also called the meaning of the logo of Ressence , the hand, which represents a universal symbol of humanism. The lugs are milled from the same piece of the grade 5 titanium as the case itself and the strap is thinner and softer, which share the “organic” and “soft “ essence of humanism. Not mention the design of no crown, no hands and the curved dial and sapphire crystal.

There are total of 8 different finishes available now in distinctive character.

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We are pleased to announce that The Lavish Attic is entering a new chapter!

A white dial submerged in oil - Ressence TYPE3W

Erosion shapes HYT H5


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