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The Lavish Attic was established in 2013 coincidentally coinciding with the growth and demand for international independent luxury products and services across the Asia region. We proudly present our concept store, situated in the historic Pedder Building where once stood the city’s central clock tower amongst the backdrop and vibes of the busiest part of Hong Kong.


Our company entered the wholesale distribution business for watches in 2005 with clients such as Urwerk in the Greater China and H.Moser & Cie in 2007 of which we were the sole distributors.

Our Concept

Our concept is to encapsulate the feeling of a cozy home attic that embraces the feel of a warm and luxurious home surrounding you with exquisite, meaningful and exclusive craftsmanship pieces.

A completely brand new concept of luxury defined within the industry. Luxury should be niche, limited quantity, with outstanding craftsmanship and highly desirable and very personal for the elites and collectors. We aim to broadcast our vision to be truly bespoke for each individual though contrary to the mainstream of mass luxury. It is not only for special occasions but also for everyday lifestyles. For those who appear in The Lavish Attic are the pioneers who rather than being followers of mass social recognition they are the trend setters recognizing and representing true quality, originality and fine craftsmanship.

Our Team

Our team is passionate with an attention to detail that surpasses most other available services. We pride ourselves by attracting the custom of independents and attract individuality. We create trends and set new standards of craftsmanship. We respect and here to protect the independents’ core values with sometimes unorthodox but always innovative designs. Every piece is selected attentively respecting the living soul of our timepieces creating different and unique experiences for our customers creating unique stories and experiences for them to enjoy and appreciate fully.

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When entering our store the Lavish Attic’s vision is immediately reflected in our unique interior design. The aim is to provide a space where our customers can relax and browse through every corner, niche, shelves and display boxes. To enjoy and appreciate our luxury range in a calm and peaceful environment – a time to discover worthy trinkets within our cosy and luxuriously filled attic.

Our Vision

We provide not only a concept store but a warm and chilled environment for both our new and experienced clients with flexibility to be tailored to any guest’s needs. They can also enjoy a privileged and personalised experience on occasions with the opportunity to meet actual watchmakers who create the bespoke timepieces during our events and social gatherings – an experience that provides our clients with a truly holistic experience further expanding their understanding and ultimately their social knowledge and culture in the fine time pieces.

The relationship between us, the guests and watchmakers allow us to be visionary and extraordinary and most importantly as a platform to differentiate ourselves from the mainstream mass market retailers where we can fully appreciate the values and enduring qualities of our products completely. The vibes and knowledge we want to provide for our guests in The Lavish Attic will give them the confidence and understanding to be amongst the elite and still retain their individual personality and character.

Our Narrative

International journalists mystery visit amd most time they don't reveal their identities.
If they like our concepts, they write.

Opening Hours

Mon - Sat | 11am - 7pm

You are more than welcome to visit us and we can't wait to share all the stories behind each independent brand.

Shop 101, First Floor, Central Building, 1-3 Pedder Street, Central, Hong Kong
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