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Strong Jewellery Collections Reflecting Distinct Characters

Akillis – Strong Jewellery Collections Reflecting Distinct Characters

Chitty chitty “bang bang” I am “Wanted” with a “Licence to Akillis” with “AK” are the signature models of Akillis. Framed with white gold, rose gold, titanium under the latest stone setting techniques for diamonds and precious gemstones, the French high-end jewellery comes with a audacious twist.

Mistaken for a real AK bullet in airport will be the question for custom officer, as the team in Lyon the team uses the latest technology to make the dream of Caroline Gaspard into reality.


The playful “Puzzle” collection and the seduction of “Python” collection brings Akillis jewellery into a new era, where luxury and sophistication rhyme with originality and liberty.

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